What colour eyeshadow should you choose, depending on the colour of your eyes?

Eye make-up is a crucial part of many people's beauty routine. Eye shadow is one of the essential products for enhancing your eyes. However, it's essential to choose the right eye shadow colour for your eyes to achieve a dazzling result. In this article, we'll guide you through the ideal colour choices for blue, green and brown eyes, while highlighting the use of cream eyeshadow for an unrivalled glow.

Cream eye shadow: the trendy option

Cream eye shadow is becoming increasingly popular for its easy application and luminous finish. Whether you have blue, green or brown eyes, this creamy texture offers an ideal base to enhance your look. To apply cream eyeshadow, simply use your fingers to blend the colour onto your eyelids, or use a suitable brush for greater precision.

Blue eyes: shades to bring out the best in you

If you have blue eyes, you can opt for warm shades such as copper, bronze or gold. These colours will bring out the colour of your eyes spectacularly. Using a golden cream eye shadow can create an instant complexion-enhancing effect, adding a touch of luminosity to your eyes.

Green eyes: go for contrast

Green eyes are enhanced by shades that contrast with their colour. Pink and brown tones are perfect for creating a striking contrast. Apply a cream eyeshadow in these shades for a bewitching effect. Adding a rosy illuminator under the eyebrow can also give your look an extra glow.

Brown eyes: versatility and elegance

Brown eyes have the advantage of being versatile, which means that almost any eyeshadow colour will suit them. However, for a sophisticated look, opt for neutral shades such as browns, taupes or greys. Shade 05 Marron glacé is right in the middle of these 3 shades! A cream eyeshadow in these shades will add subtle depth to your brown eyes and let you shine for any occasion. A little bronze illuminator and you're all set.