What's the difference between a tanning serum and a self-tanning serum?

When it comes to giving your skin a tanned complexion, it's essential to understand the difference between a tanning serum and a self-tanning serum. These two products, although similar in appearance, offer distinct results and uses. In this article, we'll explore these differences and explain why our Sunshine Booster Serum is the best option for a natural, streak-free tan.

Bronzing Serum : A Natural, Temporary Glow

A bronzing serum is designed to give the skin an immediate, natural glow. Unlike self-tanners, it does not contain permanent tanning agents such as dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Instead, it uses natural pigments and pearlescents that deposit on the skin's surface to create a light, temporary tanning effect.

Benefits of Bronzing Serum :

1. Immediate results: You get a tanned complexion instantly after application.
2. Easy to use: It is applied like a classic serum, often under make-up.
3. No residue: Once your make-up has been removed, your skin returns to its natural state, with no streaks or blemishes.
4. Intensity Control: You can adjust the intensity of the tan according to the amount applied.

Our Sunshine Booster Serum is a perfect example of a tanning serum. Infused with natural and vegan ingredients, it delivers a sun-kissed glow without the drawbacks of self-tanners. Ideal for those looking to add a little colour to their complexion without a long-term commitment.

Self Tanning Serum : A Progressive, Lasting Tan

In contrast, a self-tanning serum contains ingredients such as DHA, which react with amino acids in the skin's top layer to create a long-lasting tan. This type of product requires a development time (usually a few hours) and can last for several days.

Advantages of the Self Tanning Serum :

1. Lasting tan: A single application can give a tanned effect that lasts for several days.
2. Time-saving: No need to reapply frequently to maintain a tanned complexion.

However, self-tanning serums can sometimes leave streaks or spots if applied unevenly, and the effect can only be reversed by waiting for the skin to renew itself naturally.

Why choose the Sun Radiance Booster Serum?

Our Sun Radiance Booster Serum offers multiple benefits:

  • Natural Tanning Effect: Unlike self-tanning serums, it offers an immediate, natural glow that can be adjusted according to your preferences.
  • No Long-Term Commitment: You can enjoy a temporary tanned complexion, perfect for a special occasion or to enhance your everyday glow.
  • Clean and Vegan Formula: Made with natural ingredients, it respects your skin and the environment.
  • Active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid for hydration, and an Anti-Pollution Active.
  • Traceless: Once your make-up has been removed, your skin looks as natural as ever, with no traces or residue.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What's the difference between a tanning serum and tanning drops?

A : There is no difference! The 2 products, Tanning Drops & Tanning Serum can have the same concentration of active ingredients and pearlescent agents, and can be mixed with other skincare or make-up products to personalise the tanning effect.

Q : Is the Tanning Serum suitable for all skin types?

A : Yes, our Sunshine Booster Serum is formulated to suit all skin types, thanks to its natural, moisturising ingredients.

Q: Can a tanning serum be used daily?

A: Absolutely, Sun Radiance Booster Serum can be used daily to maintain a sun-kissed glow without the risks of prolonged sun exposure.


Understanding the difference between a tanning serum and a self-tanning serum is crucial to choosing the right product for your needs and preferences. If you're looking for an immediate, natural-looking glow with no long-term commitment, Sun Radiance Booster Serum is the ideal solution. Enjoy the benefits of a tanned complexion, without the hassle of traditional self-tanning products.