Natural, streak-free make-up: the magic of fingers According to Pat McGrath

Celebrity make-up artist Pat McGrath believes that fingers are the best tools for achieving natural-looking make-up without leaving visible marks. As the world's most influential make-up artist, she regularly applies make-up to top celebrities for major events and prestigious magazine photo shoots.

A more natural foundation:

In an interview with British newspaper The Telegraph on 27 July 2017, she revealed that using her ten fingers was her ultimate trick for creating her signature beauty looks. According to her, using her fingers helps to apply foundation in a way that blends perfectly with the skin, giving an entirely natural result. The warmth of the fingers polishes the product, giving a beautiful, transparent finish that is difficult to achieve with sponges or brushes.

Blushes and lip balms that melt into the skin:

As well as foundation, fingers are also ideal for other applications, such as creating a 'bitten lip' effect. McGrath also recommends using them for a seamless application of eyeshadow and blush, as they allow the products to blend seamlessly into the skin, giving a sumptuous, natural result.

Less maintenance:

Unlike brushes that require regular cleaning, it's impossible to forget to wash your hands. By having a flannel with make-up remover to hand, you can easily apply make-up at home without having to invest in brushes that require tedious maintenance.

Natural make-up with La Crique:

For La Crique, simple finger make-up is a priority. All our products and formulas have been designed to make make make-up easy for everyone, from make-up newbies to make-up experts! Here's a simple finger ritual:

  • Wash your hands with Marseille soap (because we love it!)
  • Pour the Radiance Serum Base over your face (3-4 drops) and apply with your finger using circular movements.
  • Next, apply the Tinted Serum to the face (3-4 drops to start with, then build up the coverage), again using your finger to help the formula melt into the skin.
  • Rinse hands.
  • Using your finger, take a small amount of eye shadow and illuminator and apply it to the mobile eyelid. The texture will melt directly onto the eyelid for a natural, glowy effect.
  • Using another finger, take a small amount of lip and cheek balm and apply it to the lips and as a blush. Modulate the coverage according to the shade and your desire.
  • Finally, cherry on the cake, use your finger to pick up the eye shadow and illuminator and apply it to the face in dabs of radiance: cheek bones, nostrils, lower eyebrows, cupid's bow.