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Makeup in its simplest form

We are seeking the right balance to create effective makeup that emphasizes naturalness while ensuring the brand's unique sensorial experience and colors.

Our formulas are enriched with natural raw materials and active ingredients, following a transparent formulation charter based on naturalness, effectiveness, and sensoriality.

We carefully select key active ingredients that compose our formulas.

Excluded Ingredients

Animal-derived ingredients:
Based on our convictions regarding this issue, we have excluded any ingredient derived from animal production. 

They are known for their sensoriality when applied to the skin, their powdery finish, and many other functions. However, we do not use silicones in our formulas because they are synthetic products.

Polymers that provide sensoriality to the product. We do not use them because they are synthetic polymers.

It is an effective preservative often used in cosmetic formulas. We have decided not to include it in our formulas because it is controversial and derived from petrochemistry.

EDTA is a chelating agent that binds molecules and ensures formula stability by preventing bacterial development in the product. However, it is monitored from an environmental perspective and has been excluded.

We prefer to use other preservatives as parabens have been publicized as potential endocrine disruptors.

Polyethylenes (plastic powders and microbeads) are used in some makeup products to provide sensoriality, maintain viscosity, appearance, and stability. Since they are polluting, we have excluded them from our formulation.

Talc is used as a sensorial agent, skin protectant, or opacifier. It is controversial in the United States due to traces of asbestos found in some talc samples, which is why we have decided to exclude it from our formulas.

Mineral oils and waxes:
Recognized for their ability to limit water loss and hydrate the skin, they are beneficial for fragile skin. However, since they are derived from petrochemistry, we have excluded them.

Tolerated Ingredients:

Titanium dioxide:

This mineral pigment is used as a UV absorber, colorant, or opacifier. Its use in the form of nanoparticles in cosmetics is subject to debate, as they are suspected of crossing the skin barrier. Titanium dioxide in nanoparticle form is only permitted in sun care products (on the INCI list, the mention "[Nano]" after its name "TITANIUM DIOXIDE" indicates its size). Without the "[Nano]" mention, it means it is in the form of microparticles (molecules too large to penetrate beyond the epidermis). We do not use it in nanoparticle form in our formulas.

Certain synthetic pigments: 

To ensure a wider color palette, we have allowed certain synthetic pigments.

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