Natural Makeup Trends to Follow in 2023

Natural makeup is a trend that continues to gain popularity. In 2023, natural makeup will continue to dominate beauty trends, with natural, vegan, clean, and simple makeup products that help achieve a fresh and natural look. In this article, we will explore the natural makeup trends to follow in 2023.

Light foundation: a natural base for a fresh look

In 2023, light foundation will be a key trend in natural makeup. Women will look for natural makeup products that can cover skin imperfections while offering a light and natural finish. Light foundation can be used alone or combined with a makeup base (link to primer serum) for an even brighter effect. Serum formulas are popular at the moment, with products becoming more and more hybrid between skincare and makeup.

Tinted lip balm: a must-have for hydrated and colorful lips

Tinted lip balm will also be a trend to follow in 2023. This natural makeup product can color the lips while hydrating them, offering a fresh and natural look. Tinted lip balms are available in a variety of colors, ranging from nude beige to vibrant reds.

Natural eyeshadow: a must-have for natural eyes

Natural eyeshadow will continue to be a must-have for those looking for natural looks in 2023. Warm colors, such as browns, bronzes, and coppers, will be particularly popular. The trend of applying highlighter to the inner corner of the eye and other parts of the face will also be in vogue.

Vegan and clean makeup: an increasingly important trend

In 2023, vegan and clean makeup will continue to gain popularity. Women will look for natural, vegan, and clean makeup products that exclude certain ingredients from petrochemicals. These makeup products will be made from natural ingredients such as oils, plant extracts, and pigments.

In conclusion, the natural makeup trends to follow in 2023 will focus on natural, vegan, clean, and simple makeup products. Light foundation, tinted lip balm, eyeshadow, and highlighter will be must-haves to achieve a fresh and natural look.